20 Jun 2024 → 27 Jul 2024
03 Oct 2024 → 09 Nov 2024

Martins&Montero is a contemporary art gallery created in 2024 from the merger of two established galleries, Sé and Jaqueline Martins. With spaces in São Paulo and Brussels, the gallery proposes collaborative curatorial strategies that foster exchanges between different generations and different cultural perspectives. Through a program made up of national and international artists at different points in their careers, interdisciplinary productions with diverse approaches co-exist and dialogue in a profound way. In São Paulo, Martins&Montero is based in a large house built in the 1950s, whose mission is to host exhibitions, meetings and promote art in a human way, bringing the public closer to the artists’ production. In Brussels, with a house located in the central part of the city, the gallery aims to expand its presence in Europe and develop a multidisciplinary program that promotes connections between its artists and Brazilian art practices in an international context.