Lee Bauwens Gallery


12 Sep 2024 → 20 Oct 2024


Rue du charme, 36
1190 Forest
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Lee-Bauwens Gallery was founded by Gil Bauwens and Minyoung Lee in 2012. As a meeting point between Asia and Europe, Lee-Bauwens has been introducing and connecting the two cultures in the art scene by representing influential artists from both worlds. Prominent Korean artists such as Chun Kwang-Young, Nam Tchun-Mo, Kim Hyun-Sik, Moon-Pil Shim and Meekyoung Shin were introduced to the Belgian public for the first time, and talented emerging artists such as Jiana Kim, Sunghong Min and Jukhee Kwon were discovered and nurtured in their growth. Likewise, the works of Aurelie Nemours, Ode Bertrand, Maurice Frydman, Paola Pezzi, Javier León Pérez and Esther Stocker were introduced in Korea through various exhibition programs. Having worked as a curator at the Asia Museum in Korea, Minyoung Lee works closely with art institutions and museums. In 2022, Minyoung Lee coordinate with the curators Yongwoo Lee, Manuela Luca-Dazio and Boghossian Fondation for, Times Reimagined, Solo Show of Chun Kwang Young as a Collateral Event of 59th Venice Biennale. In an ongoing effort to bring the two worlds closer, in 2019, Lee-Bauwens curated the seminal exhibition Brussels in SongEun: Imagining Cities Beyond Technology 2.0 to commemorate the official visit of the King of Belgium to Korea. And it also partnered in holding RENE MAGRITTE, THE REVEALING IMAGE, Photos & Films exhibition at two different Korean museums (Ground, Wooyang). Lee-Bauwens Gallery hopes to always be an open and intimate space where artists, collectors, and institutions may communicate freely sharing what touches them most deeply today in contemporary art, reflecting on what has happened, and experimenting on what’s to come.