Aboriginal Signature Estrangin Gallery



Jules besmestraat, 101
1081 Koekelberg
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The Aboriginal Signature Estrangin gallery is one of the most important contemporary Aboriginal art galleries in Europe, whose approach is unique with 7 curatorial exhibitions per year in Brussels in its 250 m2 space, located in the basilica district of Koekelberg. The gallery represents more than 100 of Australia's most significant indigenous artists to the younger generation, and is committed to an ethical approach of partnership with them and the 35 art centers and artistic communities in the most remote deserts from the north to the south of this continent. Each year, the director of the gallery goes to the aboriginal territories to prepare the exhibitions with the artists and to select the works in situ. This artistic movement launched around 1971 in Papunya is part of a millennial dynamic of transmission of knowledge, of celebration of sacred places, with a pictorial expression between tradition and innovation. It is becoming increasingly important in the art world, with private collectors and prestigious collections from the largest institutions in Europe, the USA and Australia.