Fondation A Stichting

In October 2012, the “Fondation A Stichting” opened its doors in south Brussels on the site of the former Bata factories. Created upon the initiative of Astrid Ullens de Schooten, and recognized as promoting the public interest, it has a vocation to support the creation, knowledge, and preservation of the photographic image. Nothing exists any longer that does not seem to have to be attested by the image. Yet the idea of recording the real using photography does not go without saying. What happens to our capacity to see and to discern when, in their overabundance and their virtual immediacy, the images surrounding us are rapidly and powerfully becoming more complicated. The foundation’s project consists in exploring the stakes and contradictions of the image-document, putting into question this world in which all is visible. It organizes three temporary exhibitions each year, accompanied with workshops on reading and writing the image designed for youths and children. High-school and university students are invited to come and engage in dialogue with the artists during their visits, Premières Découvertes.