Galerie Martine Ehmer



Hoogstraat, 200
1000 Brussels
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Founded in 2004, and specialized in contemporary and urban art, if the gallery has always followed a coherent line, Martine Ehmer does not limit her selection to one medium or trend. Juggling between abstraction and figuration, the gallery represents artists from various horizons, emerging or already established, and working different media: paintings, photographs, sculptures and videos. In 2010, Martine Ehmer chose to specialize in urban art and has presented ground-breaking artists: JonOne, Cope2, Jef Aérosol, Speedy Graphito, as well as younger talents, such as L’Atlas, Pro176, Tanc, Zenoy. If this dive into street art gives the gallery a new impetus and identity, it remains deeply rooted in contemporary art, and continues to promote artists from varying currents, including Cedrix Crespel, Mireille Lienard, and Sonia Aniceto. Located in the lively and historic district of Marolles, at the beginning of 2020, the gallery opened a second exhibition space of over 300m2, across the road at 183 Rue Haute.