New Exhibitions Contemporary Art - NECA.
A website and a weekly newsletter about contemporary art exhibitions in Brussels. Want to get the freshest info in your inbox? It’s free and easy

What is NECA?

NECA (New Exhibitions of Contemporary Art) is a project launched in 2001 by the Foundation for the Arts to help Brussels galleries keep the general public informed of their exhibitions and to make people aware of the quality of contemporary art in Brussels.

What makes NECA different is that, while bringing people together, it is also selective. All the galleries and art centres included have been selected by a special committee. The members of this selection committee serve for three years. Since 2017, the committee has been made up of:

  • Elisabeth van Caelenberge (Xavier Hufkens gallery)
  • Anne-Claire Schmitz (La Loge)
  • Damien Bertelle-Rogier (Super Dakota gallery)

Its leaflet-programme, website, newsletter, and app have made NECA a key resource for gallery-owners and for all lovers of contemporary art. Right now, it is the only source offering clear, selective information on openings and exhibitions of contemporary art in Brussels.

The leaflet comes out five times a year and 20,000 copies are printed each time. It is distributed through all the member galleries and art centres and, thanks to the ArtePub network, is available at more than 250 other cultural venues in Brussels. It is also sent out to subscribers to the magazine De Witte Raaf and is distributed at major events such as Art Brussels, the Brussels Gallery Weekend, and Art on Paper.

The weekly newsletter has 5,500 subscribers (in August 2018).

NECA is supported by and by Eeckman Art Insurance.