Body Part I: Tessa Perutz - 'Homme Allongé'

Opening    : Saturday 06 June at 16:00
Exhibition : Saturday 06 June → Sunday 05 July

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Thursday 12:00 - 18:00
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Saturday 12:00 - 18:00
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Place du Jardin aux Fleurs, 2 - 1000 Brussels map

Initially, Body was a group exhibition set to open in June in Istanbul; a sexy summer show about the body, the gaze, and desire. Despite COVID’s destructive path, the concept has not changed - yet, inadvertently the relative meaning has changed very much. This series of exhibitions remains about the body and the gaze, but now desire is imparted with fear, and the body is not only sexual but also clinical. Tessa Perutz’s “Homme Allongé” is our first presentation, from June 6 - July 5. Tessa’s fragmented and often Fauvist landscapes depict colors dancing in form as if in a hallucination. Her works have always emoted the presence of life within them; demanding the suggestion of an observer in the deciphering of their unwieldy reality. Recently she has started to portray the body itself as a landscape, depicting human curvature in mirroring peaks, fields, and valleys. In this way she is referencing another tradition as steadfast as the landscape, in looking to the reclining figure, the “Homme Allongé.”