En même temps, elle sentit la matière du ciel - Karine Rougier & Alessandro Roma

Karine Rougier, Alessandro Roma

Opening    : Tuesday 23 April at 18:00
Exhibition : Wednesday 24 April → Saturday 15 June

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Wednesday 14:00 - 18:00
Thursday 14:00 - 18:00
Friday 14:00 - 18:00
Saturday 14:00 - 18:00
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The foundation invites the artist Karine Rougier to reconstruct her studio in the spaces of the foundation, in an immersive exhibition format marrying free forms inspired by nature and in dialogue with the works of the ceramist Alessandro Roma. Echoing the theme of the annual programming, the Renaissance, Artist as a Worker, a proposal that is part of the physicality of the gesture, that of painting, drawing, sculpting, a relationship to the material lived as an emergency, in reverse of our time increasingly dematerialized. There is a poetic syncretism in the work of Karine Rougier, French painter, born in 1982 in Malta. His studio – located in Marseille, is a real cabinet of curiosities; you discover animal masks, gris-gris and other amulets, botanical planks, old engravings and postcards from the 70s, all materials from which the artist is inspired to build her work. A narrative pictorial soil that take the way of magical realism; you can feel the influence of Max Ernst, the imprint of Victor Brauner or the sweet madness of Niki de Saint Phalle, black virgins and totems testify in these ceremonies on canvas. Karine Rougier paints on wood, small or medium sizes, fascinated by mythology and psychoanalysis, the artist violates her subjects, cuts her heads, reinvents the myth of the wild woman. Her paintings read like “rebus”, where stories of powerful priestesses such as Circe change men into pigs, or goddesses wear the mask often biface, in reference to Janus, symbol of duality in mythology. Her painting with a very mastered drawing, bewitched us, show of female divinities dancing around a bonfire, reinventing a new world, connected to nature and to the stars. Alessandro Roma’s work is made of echoes and possible stereophonies. At the beginning, the gaze over the works is strange, but crossing this threshold, abandoning pre-existing consistencies and certainties, it is possible to enter into the wrinkles of the color and of the sign, in the cuts and extrusions of the material, to the strong irrational sentiment of the nature that inspires his research. The break of compact clay shapes, the stratification of fragmented lines opens a new dimension, led to illuminated perceptions. The gaze moves forward the interstices precariously and creates connections among otherness: between works, body and space. The endless and partial “originalities” carry opening lines, and the meaning dis-assembles itself inside the shape. Grid-patterns free from interpretations. Born in Milan in 1977, where he also studied fine arts at Accademia di Brera. He now lives in Brussels. Although he sees himself primarily as a painter, he increasingly uses other mediums such as drawing, collage, textile and sculpture. His works have been part of solo and group shows in galleries, museums throughout Europe and in New York.