Forum Bxl Universel II

Exhibition : Wednesday 21 April → Sunday 12 September

Place Sainte-Catherine, 44 - 1000 Brussels map

Throughout BXL UNIVERSEL II: (25.03 > 12.09.2021), visitors will be welcomed in a meeting space De kleine salon: a space for conversation with the protagonists of the project BXL UNIVERSEL II: (artists, partner organisations, authors, curators, CENTRALE team). Here, the visitors are invited to express their impressions of the exhibition and of the city of Brussels. Brussels, universal? This space is dedicated to you. Alone or in dialogue with one of the protagonists of this exhibition-forum, leave your mark. Taking as a starting point the experience of the city of Brussels, as well as issues related to this or that aspect of the city, the conversation brings a specific one to one dialogue. De kleine salon is located in the vitrine space of the exhibition space facing rue Sainte-Catherine. In this space, visitors are also invited to write or draw on the walls. More info :