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The Shadow of the Cross

Saturday 12 June → Saturday 10 July, by appointment only

Rue de Menin, 10 - 1080 Molenbeek-Saint-Jean map

It is no secret that the Catholic Church has influenced everyday life in the Western world for many centuries. Yet for all the positives, it is the astronomical number of negative events that have come to dominate its almost two thousand year old history. Crusades, inquisition, funeral pyres, child abuse, anti-abortion, oppression, spiritual blackmail, spiritual deception. It is invariably about influence, power and money. Artists have played an important role in spreading ‘the message’. In the past, they were usually commissioned by the institution. Today, they tend to do so from a standpoint of incomprehension, unacceptability and injustice, as well as from the belief that mass indoctrination is an outdated concept. For the exhibition ‘The Shadow of the Cross’, ten contemporary artists were selected who approach the workings of ‘the church’ with a critical eye: Michaël Aerts, Marcin Cienski, David Godbold, Ermias Kifleyesus, Nicolas Kozakis, Nancy Slangen, Bob and Roberta Smith, Leen Van Tichelen, Nils Verkaeren, Jessica Voorsanger.