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Luc Gobyn - 'Pitón Contrario 01'

Luc Gobyn

Opening    : Saturday 26 January at 18:00
Exhibition : Sunday 27 January → Sunday 10 February

Monday Closed
Tuesday Closed
Wednesday 11:00 - 18:00
Thursday 11:00 - 18:00
Friday 11:00 - 18:00
Saturday 11:00 - 18:00
Sunday 11:00 - 18:00
Werfstraat/ Rue du Chantier, 13 - 1000 Brussels map

Parallel with the first works of Poetas sin alfabeto, the dual exhibition of Vincent Dunoyer and Jan Vromman, Argos is presenting four videos by Luc Gobyn. While Dunoyer and Vromman find each other in, among other things, the mental concept of ‘Spain’, Gobyn focuses on the culture surrounding ‘Iberian cattle’. He documents the rituals of the world of tauromaquia, or bullfighting. We follow practice sessions and intense moments of preparation, such as the dressing of the matador before a duel, but also daily affairs such as the herding of fighting bulls in the countryside. Pitón Contrario means, in cattle-breeding jargon, crossing the bull via the eyeline of the left horn. The project at Argos is the first in a series of ten. Luc Gobyn works with various media, such as video, drawing, painting and ceramics. His oeuvre works like a visual diary of his experiences in Southern Europe and Mexico.